The Wig (a #dream)

 It was the seventies and the seventies were in the future.

A powerful device was invented and two competing companies wanted it. 

One of them was owned by an alien. The name of the company was something like Evencalibur. 

The inventor wanted to sell them his or her patent but was too eager therefore selling it for too little.

Which made the new owner laugh about it to his assistant who was dressed in white and and looked very much like the partner of his competitor who was dressed in black.

The patent was stored in an old folder which contained dozens of notes and other papers. All signed at the bottom left corner with the date top right in pencil.

He knew he was lucky to have it on paper because all electronic files were lost. When he took it out to have it signed by himself and his assistant and have both their picture taken as evidence that the patent was now his, she tried to kill him. Or was it the wife of his competitor? Anyhow, he was lying on his back when he managed to get hold of a knife and lunged it over his left shoulder, stabbing her in the chest. 

Trying to say something she fell to the floor and he used the invention on himself, getting ready for a press conference. Looking in the mirror he got stared at by a younger version of himself and ran to his study where there was a child who was also his brother/friend/business partner and who told him: "That is the wig my father gave me!"


Little again (a dream)

Paid a vacation visit to a senior great aunt with two adult daughters and a few teenagers (grandchildren?) One of them a special needs kid wearing a loose grey/blue dress. The scene seemed to take place at a camping site or in a trailer park. There was a table holding extremele long hotdogs with ketchup and union already on them. A yellow plastic tablecloth. 

Upon waking up the next morning I wanted to make coffe for the group but some man had just beaten me to it. Two souls, one thought. Smiling at me he walks away and hugs his boyfriend: "Hotdog? Unions?" "Please", he says.

It is still early but already scorching hot.

So I borrow slippers because it's too hot for shoes. Part of the group walks off the terrain and I follow while a few elderly follow me at a short distance. The group takes pictures of the complex. Lined up, all dressed in white. Including a in my dream well known paparazzi. His camera looks like a game controller. Black with an adjustable and curved piece of glass/see through mirror at the handle by his right hand.

They pay no attention to the hillside that is the landscape. That's obviously dehydrated. With a few scattered dead plants.

Every brick building is brand new and there are lots of stairs. I stop to make pictures. From buildings beautifully lit by the bright sunlight. And from curious passersby. One of them glances at me. Brunette with semi-long, curly hair, bright eyes and slightly tanned skin. I take a picture of her and she (Sylvie?) smiles.

We arrive at a playground that is huge. Enormous slides, hanging walkways and a lot of wooden stairs. I loose track of the group and see a few signs: 'Big Way->'. But no sign of the group.

There's a rope way with sturdy BMX-like bikes hanging from it. All blue. The bikes are being pulled up by a semi-automatic pully system. Young folk ride them through a complicated path above the ground. There are solid blue nets to catch them, might they fall while racing down the path. Over walk bridges and planks.

The special needs teen walks towards an attraction. She pushes aside a boy. Roughly.

Next moment I'm 'home'. Where someone turns on the tv-set. No image because there appears to be no power. Some conman pretends to go in a trance and the two adult daughters suddenly act like four year olds, sitting on the floor, holding on to people's and table's legs.

While a voice appears to come from the television. The shadowy figure demands money from my great aunt 'or else...'

Intimidating some vague paper cut-out makes its way from the back of the set to the glass at the front:

"Look, something paranormal is going on because my children suddenly became little again!"