A guide led me through a bun. We were plucking ourselves a way through the bread when we got in a chamber that looked threatening. I asked the guide if he recognized a point in the ceiling that looked like a sort of fungus: brownish threads of biological material crawling allover. From it emerged a creature that rolled towards us. It's body was disc-shaped and it had at least six legs, being little bigger than a common house-spider, which it also resembled.

The colours were mostly brown and black. It rolled towards us, circled around us and than away from us before returning, obviously curious. It overcame its fear and ran over my body. When I made swapping movements with my hands to chase it off it kind of changed into a butterfly-like creature, flew up and circled around me a few more times.

At the same time a female friend of mine was in danger. She was in an all white room with two plastic benches in the middle, back to back. Here and there laserbeams had been fired across the room. Most were red, some were green. Once emitted, the beams stayed. My friend already had a small fleshwound at her leg where one of the beams had hit her. More beams filled the room when you could see the creature emitting them: It seemed to be a baby's head in a half-round plastic yelow bowl.

Whilst my friend crawled the room for her life she knew I was on my way to rescue her. At one point the baby-head stood on one of the benches to fire it's laserbeams from there. It lost balance and fell. Out the now broken yellow bowl slipped a slimy oval and extremele large children's head. Suddenly the rest of the body had formed, wearing blue and red clothes. Now the being had evolved and could aim it's laserbeams more accurately.

When I entered the room my friend shouted to warn me for a laserbeam. I evaded two by climbing onto one of the couches.


It was some time in the future.

Mankind had been genetically enhanced so every individual could only feel one emotion at the time.

They thought it would rid the world of a lot of suffering. In stead the earth turned into chaos.

Humankind needs different emotions to cope with everyday life.



Through our network and careful deduction we discovered an ancient plot.
For at least 60 years rumours had been carefully started and spread to make eveyone believe the ducks had started the final war and by a combined effort of other nations they had been almost wiped out.

The moment I found out "they" came after me with dogs and torches and I had to run for my life. Running through an empty riverbed they almost caught up to me when a follow-believer rescued me at the cost of his jacket that was caught by some kind of white grappling hook.

When I knocked on the door of the Duck's headquarters at first they wouln'd let me in because apparently I represented the establishment. When they eventually did I only saw a scared littly boy, hiding behind a chair and a very sick man in a rocking chair at a fireless fireplace in a badly lit room.

The man was a friend in real life, who died some years ago.

When -in my dream- I told him the truth about the duckwars he told me he was grateful for my efforts but he already knew.


Accustomed to

After years of living underground after the Apocalyps had taken place we decided it was time to leave our hiding place. At the top of an old stone stairway there was a big grey door. With a bit of help I slowly pushed it open and saw a world that was different than the one I remembered.

People where walking through what appeared to be a shopping street. In stead of white, all window-panes were black. The people regarded one another in a very unusual fashion and their hairstyles were way out of order. Most women wore some kind of Australian cowboy-hat.

This, however, was the world I had to get accustomed to.



There was a series of underground theatre-performances scheduled to be played in a large concert-hall. I sat in the auditorium all by myself and at the same time I was sitting next to a young lady wearing white trousers. On her other side there was her boyfriend. In the back, on the left side there was another man. The curtains opened and a man stood on stage, announcing the performance. At that moment also the curtains at the side of the auditorium opened.



In my dream my lifegoal was to find a specific crucifix. In the dream I found it. It was a large wooden crucifix, depicting the suffering af Jezus carved out from one single peace of dark brown wood as portraited by a variety of famous artists.

In the end I discovered that the place where I found it was the backroom of an English pub.



In my dream the girl of my dreams and I, together with a few others sabotaged a missile launch pad. Instead of going skywards the cruise missile went over ground straight for us. Most of our group jumped a fence in a futile effort to escape the impact.

I stood for the fence, manouvering myself in such a position that the missile would hit me straight away. At the moment of impact the girl in my dreams and I looked at eachother very happily and together witnessed the blinding light and silent explosion.