We (around 50 people) were at a garden-party in some warm country. Somebody was baking pancakes and eventually we all got two plain pancakes on our plates. There was only one bottle of syrup so you needed to be patient. Music was playing and some were dancing. When "One step beyond" from the band Madness played I decided to wait for the syrup no longer, stood up and started to dance. Unfortunately the floor was tiled since it was next to a swimmingpool and I was wearing leather shoes with wooden soles.

I slipped and fell but immediately stood up again and started dancing. With a few people from the party I found myself in a trailer where we got combat-instructions. I remember someone shouting out for their bulletproof vest. Turned out she was our sniper-assistant. When the siege was on she was the one pointing out the targets to our unit-sniper. She did so by standing straight, holding a lit sigar in her left hand. Only thing the sniper had to do was aim for the lit sigartip. A few moments later we saw the sniper-assistant staggering back to camp. We thought she was fooling around, pretending to be drunk but apparently she was stabbed in the chest. The knife was still sticking out.

While she was being attended to and someone was trying to figure out who betrayed her we went through our instructions again. Apparently we pretended to be a modeling-agency that happened to do a fotoshoot in the dessert. That also explained why we were able to beat press-agencies and other media with our footage. It was very hot in the trailer and I switched off a light next to the far left make-up mirror. Our make-up lady pointed out to me I just switched off climate-control and turned it back on again. I was still hot.