Through our network and careful deduction we discovered an ancient plot.
For at least 60 years rumours had been carefully started and spread to make eveyone believe the ducks had started the final war and by a combined effort of other nations they had been almost wiped out.

The moment I found out "they" came after me with dogs and torches and I had to run for my life. Running through an empty riverbed they almost caught up to me when a follow-believer rescued me at the cost of his jacket that was caught by some kind of white grappling hook.

When I knocked on the door of the Duck's headquarters at first they wouln'd let me in because apparently I represented the establishment. When they eventually did I only saw a scared littly boy, hiding behind a chair and a very sick man in a rocking chair at a fireless fireplace in a badly lit room.

The man was a friend in real life, who died some years ago.

When -in my dream- I told him the truth about the duckwars he told me he was grateful for my efforts but he already knew.

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